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If you live in Rockhampton are looking for a reliable, rapid AC repair, the right company to look for is Rockhampton Air Conditioning Professionals.

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Every single of our experts is required to demonstrate their competence when they arrive at our company, and you need to believe that they receive maximum training and experience to tackle any type of AC repair that could possibly be required by our customers. So you can trust our technicians to provide you with the perfect solutions.

Our team is also well equipped with the equipment they might require during the repairing process so that they can use their knowledge and can approach the exact problem and repair it within the minimum possible time.

If your AC unit is malfunctioning, there is not much time to wait. You need a team that you can count on to provide the highest quality of repair service at the best rate possible.

Fortunately, even during the hottest month of the summer, you can trust our knowledgeable technicians to come up with an innovative solution for all your air conditioner repair issues.

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One unfortunate problem that many homeowners face is determining when exactly to call an expert technician for an air conditioning problem. This is because, other than complete breakdown, it can be sometimes very tricky to know if your unit is experiencing a momentary bug, or if it has a genuine malfunction.

So to help you when to call our technicians, we have compiled below some most common warning signals that you can analyze, you need repair.

  • A strange noise coming from the unit
    The air conditioning unit simply will not turn on at all
  • You can observe or even hear odd vibrations that occur either at the start or in the middle of a normal operation
  • The supply register and vents are filled with warm air.
  • The AC unit sounds like it is running but the fan refuses to turn on
  • You can see water or condensation gathering at the bottom of the AC unit, or even draining over the edge of the condensate pan
  • The AC keeps halting operation right in middle for no apparent reason

One of the most important parts of the AC unit is your compressor. If this part is broken altogether, it will make the whole system breakdown. In addition to all the other warning signs, there are some particular attributes of a broken compressor that makes it distinctly recognizable. Like you will feel warm air blowing, or strange sounds like ticking, thumping, or grinding. These are not good signals.

Our Quality Service You Can Count On

Our technicians always take their time to first assess carefully the issue that the AC unit is having and needs fixing. You can trust our skilled technicians will repair the unit as rapidly as possible, but there will be no sloppy shortcuts taken, the work they do can be ensured your AC is in perfect hands and will be fixed with full attention.


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